June 23, 2017

Bring Jennifer Lynn Olson - Servo's Killer to Justice !!

Television news reporter, journalist Jennifer Olson - Servo victim of unsolved homicide in Abilene Texas

Updated May 10, 2017

I had to have Jennifer's cat, Mr. Binx, put to sleep last month. What a great little companion he's been for so many years. Her spirit was in his knowing eyes and he's missed badly.

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Remembering Jennifer Olson.

Update: KRBC TV in Abilene recently contacted me and they are doing an update on cold cases. An update regarding Jennifer may be broadcast on Friday Feb 5th. I'll post a link when it airs.

Following graduation from University of Montana, Jennifer Lynn Olson - Servo had landed her first television reporting position for KRBC-TV in Abilene, Texas in July 2002. Less than three months later, on September 18, 2002, her body was found in her apartment. Jennifer was the victim of blunt force trauma and strangulation. She had also been sexually assaulted. In the past 10+ years, Jennifer's story has been told through many media outlets. The search for justice for Jennifer continues.

This is an Unsolved Military Homicide.

There is a lot of information that is not available to the public regarding this investigation. If you're with a law enforcement agency or military office that is authorized to pursue justice in this case, please contact me at: justiceforjennifer@hotmail.com


September 16, 2014 was the 12 yr anniversary of my daughter's homicide. She would have been 35 yr old on Sept 23, 2014.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: The University of Montana's newspaper The Kaimin reported on February 11, 2003, that Jennifer' library account was used to check out 4 books on November 6, 2002. The title of the article is "Slain UM Grad's Library Account Used After Her Death." The books were never returned. While there was possible mistaken entry by U of M's library system, it was an intriguing lead. I asked APD what the titles were, but my inquiry was just another ignored request.

Years later I tracked down the retired Missoula Police Dept. detective who followed up on the Montana end of the investigation. I learned that the books were checked out the very week the prime suspect had returned to Missoula. The retired detective admitted surprise at the fact that APD never even requested the book titles. I went back and forth with the legal dept at U of M trying to learn the titles. But was denied because I am not the the executor of my own daughter's estate. The books were mainly about philosophy which fits exactly the profiling of the prime suspect that my efforts found. Jennifer's purse holding her library card had been stolen during the homicide. The prime suspect is narcissistic and if the books were another "trophy" APD would have absolutely no idea if the books were on his bookshelf. Very frustrating.

I battled back and forth with the U of M legal department. Because I am not the executor of my daughter's estate, they refused to allow me the book titles.


I get asked about Jennifer's little buddy, Mr. Binx, by cat lovers every once in a while. Thanks for asking and I just want to let you know he's doing great! What a great companion he is, and I'm so lucky to keep him in our family. I know Jennifer is here with him as well.

Recently, The Reporter News in Abilene published a 10 year anniversary update. Jennifer Servo's murder: After 10 years, the unsolved killing of KRBC reporter lingers

Under NO CONDITION should Capt. Ralph Sepulveda, U.S. Army Center For Health Promotion in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, be allowed alone with an underage female juvenile! He should have been in prison before ever meeting Jennifer.

Sepluveda recently transferred to Aberdeen Maryland.

Parental Alienation is CHILD ABUSE

For 22 years, Jennifer's proper name had been Jennifer Olson. She grew up in Columbia Falls, Montana and graduated Columbia Falls High School in 1998.

Be aware of aggressive hostile parenting and protect your child from heartless manipulation intended to seperate your child from the loving relationship, the support and the guidance only you can give. Jennifer was not a Servo.


The CBS 48 Hours Mystery program "Deadline for Justice" about Jennifer has started broadcast in syndication on Investigation Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and most recently The Oprah Winfrey Network.

    This is one of the last images I have of Jennifer.
    Also in the photo is Ralph Sepulveda.

    • Ralph Sepulveda 'refused to take lie detector test' following the murder of Jennifer. - Cosmopolitan (Sept. 2003)

    • 'Everything about Sepulveda is suspicious' - APD detective quote in AY Magazine (June 2006)

    • Sepulveda never offered condolences to Jennifer's family despite having met Jennifer's mother twice, including in Abilene when Jennifer's mother left Jenn with him after he had followed her there.

    • Sepulveda refuses to cooperate in any way with investigators now.

    Most recent information says that Captain Ralph Sepulveda is stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. If you have any information regarding the past and/or present of Ralph Sepulveda of Colorado Springs CO, Tacoma WA, Missoula Montana, Phoenix Arizona and Tennessee, please send it via e-mail to justiceforjennifer@hotmail.com

  • The April 16, 2008 edition of Our hometown newspaper, The Hungry Horse News included an article about Jennifer and ongoing effort to gather information in the case.

  • Chad McGhee has made a new musical video tribute to Jennifer. Jennifer Lynn Olson - Servo Tribute on youtube.com. Chad is one of many who have been inspired by the Amazing Jennifer, and I really appreciate his tribute and help in keeping Jennifer's story alive.

  • This is the last Father's Day card I'll ever get from Jennifer. I've included the June 18, 2001 postmark. And it was from Jennifer, not her mother.

Jennifer Servo, murdered in Abilene Texas         Following graduation from University of Montana with a degree in journalism, 22 year old Jennifer Lynn Olson - Servo, an active U.S. Army Reservist, moved to Abilene TX and worked at her first full-time tv reporter job at KRBC TV. She was followed to Texas by a 34 year old former Army Ranger who she had recently met at Army Reserve training in Helena, Montana. Jennifer Servo (she'd used "Servo" the last year of her life) had been in Abilene less than 3 months when colleagues became concerned that she hadn't returned phone calls. They asked her apartment manager to check on her. She was found dead, a homicide victim from head trauma and strangulation.

Jennifer Olson, U.S. Army Reserve murdered
Jennifer Lynn Olson, U.S. Army Reserve unsolved homicide victim

Jennifer Lynn Olson, a native of Columbia Falls, Montana, enlisted
in the U.S. Army Reserve in 1996 and served
until she was murdered on September 16, 2002 in Abilene Texas.
Journalist TV Reporter Jennifer Lynn Olson of Columbia Falls Montana murdered in Abilene Texas        There were no signs of forced entry or a struggle and all DNA results were accountable to friends and acquaintances. Jennifer apparently knew the killer and the degree of violence indicates rage. It is a matter of time until more sophisticated forensic technologies, along with determined police work, will result in charges against the killer. Until then, we ask that anyone with any information regarding this unsolved crime or the articles taken from Jennifer's apartment, submit the information through the web site and it will be forwarded to the Abilene Police Department. The Tips Form can be sent anonymously if you prefer. The Abilene Police and Jennifer Olson's family are making every effort to bring the dirtbag to justice. We appreciate all the victim and crime resource web sites that host links and/or banners to this web site.

The missing items include:

Guess purse with Anne Nicole Smith picture stolen from the Jennifer Servo murder scene.
A Guess? purse,
square tote "Eva" model
Kyocera cell phone stolen from the Jennifer Servo murder scene.
A "Kyocera" brand cell phone

Sex in the City and Saving 
Private Ryan dvds stolen from the Jennifer Servo murder scene.
Three seasons of HBO series "Sex in the City" DVD's
and a "Saving Private Ryan" DVD

Abilene Crimestoppers
Anonymous Hot Lines
676-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-868-8477

       Abilene Crime Stoppers hot lines are answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The hot lines are not recorded and No Caller ID! You can remain Anonymous. Crime Stoppers offers a $1000.00 reward for information submitted through Crime Stoppers that leads to conviction of the murderer of Jennifer.

        The purpose of this web site is to provide a channel for any helpful information regarding the murder of my daughter Jennifer Lynn Olson to be submitted and forwarded to proper authorities, and also as a way to allow her to continue touching other people's lives, as she always had.

        You can help find Justice for Jennifer by hosting a banner on your web site.

Send E-mail with questions, suggestions
or comments to www.justiceforjennifer.org

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